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Profile of African Partner Trading

At African Partner we provide quality products and services to satisfy steel industry needs. We are committed to excellence and industry leadership through innovation, quality and a close partnership with our customers. We are equally committed to ourselves, recognizing that our continuing success comes from individual and group achievement in an environment of growth, initiative and integrity.

African Partner Trading Company is full service organization providing raw materials and services to the steel industry, African Partner helps mills and foundries realize the optimum value from scrap recycling. We bring together the right people, the right equipment and the right attitude to make every phase of the steel scrap cycle more cost efficient and profitable.

In every African Partner assignment, we draw upon the full spectrum of our resources, collectively endeavoring to find better, more efficient ways to handle and use scrap. Whether in brokerage, operations, slag processing, metal recovery or the metallurgical sciences, our objective is to continually exceed customer expectations. As an independently owned corporation, we have both the agility and the strength to do "whatever it takes" to get the job done.

African Partner Trading has built a solid reputation offering unparalleled service in scrap usage and by-product recycling. Exploring possibilities in the field, working with our lab, and using our computer models, we share results with our customers. These results range from vastly improved yields and efficient processing to reduced material costs.


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