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Realizing the Potential of Natural Resources

The African Partner Trading Company supplies the steel industry with raw materials from all over the world, including iron ore, coking coal, steel scrap and auxiliary raw materials, such as ferro-alloys.

In addition, we handle marine fuel oil and coal for power generation. Founded on our wealth of experience in handling raw materials for the steel industry, we also supply steaming coal to the power utilities and cement industries.






With the fuel and raw materials trade as a base, We are actively securing stable and diverse supply sources worldwide. Our sources cover an extensive area including iron ore from Australia, Brazil and India. And coal from Australia, the United States, Canada, Russia, China and Indonesia.

Developing new technology to supply raw materials to both domestic and overseas customers is among our highest priorities.

Key Products Handled
Iron ore
Coking Coal
Steel Scrap
Crude Oil
Various gases
Non Ferrous Metals
Steaming Coal
Auxiliary materials for steel production
Pig Iron
Re-rolled steel materials
Ferro Alloys
Petroleum Coke




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