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We are continually striving to build genuine "win-win" partnerships with our customers. To this end, African Partner consistently applies new and improved methods and standards to add even greater value. Coupled with a willingness to do "whatever it takes" to accomplish even the most challenging tasks, African Partner is in a position to attain an unsurpassed level of customer satisfaction.

African Partner works through a worldwide network of associates and partners to provide marketing services for sellers of steel and purchasing services for steel buyers. These associates companies are run by staff who speak the local language. Over time our staff have established excellent relationships with their business partners based on trust and performance.

African Partner seeks repeat business and provides partner specific services to justify an on-going business relationship. The after-sales service is as important as securing the initial order; there is no point in booking orders if they are subsequently cancelled or mishandled. African Partner will deal with the steel buyer or seller on any subsequent problems that may arise with specification, delivery, claims or payment.

Our role in concluding a sale can take one of two forms. When acting as the principal in the business we confirm the contract, take the credit risk and invoice the steel buyer. When acting as agent, the steel supplier invoices the buyer directly.

When acting as principals, we make a profit by including a small margin for ourselves between the sales price and the purchasing costs. When acting as agent we make a profit by way of a commission or fee from the steel supplier. The marketing service offered to the mill is, however, the same.

In many industries, selling and related functions such as telephone sales are regularly outsourced. In a similar way there is a benefit to the steel mill from outsourcing these functions.

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