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African Partner trades in many types of steel products ranging from semi-finished products such as billets and slabs to sophisticated end-user materials such as stainless steel wire and bright bar.

It would be impractical to describe all the steel products we trade in this website. Please use our
enquiry screen and advise us of your requirements. You can still be assured of our participation in its marketing and distribution..

Please do get in touch..


Steel billets result from the first stage of the steel production process. They are used for the manufacture of all 'long' steel products. They are commonly termed a semi-finished product as they require further production before end use..
Cold rolled steel is a common 'flat' steel product. The material is manufactured from hot rolled steel whose thickness is further reduced without first heating the steel. The resulting thinner material is known as cold rolled steel. The material is used in numerous industries including construction, transportation and engineering.


more... commercial steel (ASTM A366/A366M)
more... drawing quality steel (ASTM A620/620M formerly ASTM A619/A619M and A620/A620M)
more... deep drawing steel - special killed (ASTM A963/A963M, formerly A620/A620M)
more... extra deep drawing quality sheet/interstitial free (ASTM A969/A969M formerly 620/A620M)
more... sheet for porcelain enameling (ASTM A424/A424A, Type 1)
more... structural (physical) steel (ASTM A611/A611M)
more... high-strength low-alloy
more... ASTM A606
more... ASTM A607/A607M, Class 1, Type 1 or equivalent
more... ASTM A607/A607M, Class 2, Type 1 or equivalent
more... ASTM A715

We  would be delighted to learn of your requirements more...




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